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What do the Sax professional's say about current models of Saxophones available for purchase? What Saxes are students playing? Teachers recommend which Sax? Sax Reviews is here to help! Saxophone Reviews are available for many different Saxophones and all Sax Questions are answered via email.

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For beginners and/or parent and friends doing a little Sax research: this Saxophone Review site should answer a few questions and maybe create a few more.

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The goal at Sax Reviews has always been to present honest and informed Sax Reviews without control from the Marketing or Manufacturing people that dominate the web. Do a quick search and you will see online vendors and sax manufacturers make up most the search results when looking for New Saxophone information.

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Our goal is: Independent Saxophone Reviews by the people who use them and really know them. All saxophone reviews are the opinions of the Author and do not necessarily represent 'Sax Reviews' or serve as blanket endorsements of any manufacturer or product line. Choosing a Saxophone is a very personal thing and should always include individual testing before purchase. More on this: How To Buy a Sax and Sax Reviews Disclaimer.

Saxophone Reviews needs your help. Sax Reviews is accepting Saxophone Reviews from both Pro Saxophonists and Student Sax Players. We hope to involve 100 different writers for our Sax Reviews so the bias will be fair, and the Sax Reviews can then help anyone, at any level, with honest advice on available Saxophones for purchase.

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Sax Reviews is here for you. From Sax Player to Sax Players. The Sax Reviews you need to make that next big purchase. Alto Saxophone tests and reviews, Tenor Saxophone Reviews, Bari Saxophone Tests and Soprano Saxophone Reviews. See one you love missing ? Email us your thoughts or review notes!

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